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About Us



We are a family-run company based in the UK that specialises in aquarium plants, tropical fish, dry products, decorative items, and everything else related to them. Aqua-Tails is the culmination of two brothers' combined interest and long-time hobby (Danny and Billy).
Our love of all things aquatic began with our personal aquariums at home and developed into one of the UK's top online aquatic retail companies.

Since Aqua-Tails opened, our expertise has expanded in ways we never imagined conceivable, and we want to assist others in receiving the greatest guidance and assistance when setting up or maintaining their aquarium.

The enthusiastic team at Aqua-Tails is here to assist you with all of your aquarium maintenance needs. We take great pride in providing amazing customer service, and we work hard to make sure that this is ingrained in our company's ethos and culture. We're excited to meet you and share our love of everything aquatic!

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