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Live Fish Delivery Service

Live Fish

We Deliver our live stock using a licensed  courier called DX . DX are fully licensed Live Fish Overnight Carrier in the UK. This provides the highest level of care possible to ensure a successful  delivery. 

Your live stock (fish) will be carefully packed by our experienced  team. Heat packs along with insulation will be used to ensure a steady climate. 

As Fish keepers our main priority is Fish wellbeing. If need be we will delay sending live stock if we feel the weather is too cold or there could be storms. This doesn't occur often and we will also contact you. 

If on the unfortunate event your live stock arrive dead (DOA), a full refund will be issued. You must provide photo evidence of the live stock in it's original packaging. We will then arrange a refund or we will re send your new fishy friend. 

Please email or

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